May, 2017


Nike released a series of iPhone 7 cases made out of sneaker soles, complete with the treads.

Nike now sells iPhone 7 cases whose designs are based on iconic sneaker soles.

America First? Sure!!! But, what about the Southern Ports?

The value of ports that ship goods overseas is expected only to increase, but can the port business survive to the president’s policies “America First”?

Melting Ice Could Unleash Deadly Bacteria Lain Dormant for Millennia

What Estate Agents Say Vs. What They Really Mean

Learn to read the truth behind estate-agent speak and it will save you a whole heap of time and energy.

Mindless Overconsumption Is Destroying You and the Planet

Overconsumption: a situation where resource use has outpaced the sustainable capacity of the ecosystem. A prolonged pattern of overconsumption leads to environmental degradation and the eventual loss of resource bases.

On Bullshit: The essay that explains the era of Fake News

In 2005 a Princeton professor Harry Frankfurter published On Bullshit, a short essay originally written way back in 1985. Twelve years later, it has become more relevant than ever.