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Terms of Endearment

“Voters find Kerry aloof and distant, they find Edwards smooth and enticing. Women really find him sexy. Men like his personality.”

Frank Luntz, pollster, on the Democratic field, New York Times, February 22nd

A Man for All Seasons

“The candidates are an interesting group, with diverse opinons—for tax cuts and against them, for NAFTA and against NAFTA, for the Patriot Act and against the Patriot Act…And that’s just one senator from Massachusetts.”

President Bush, February 23rd


“Particularly with the Nader threat, it’s better for the party and everyone else that I stay in.”Al Sharpton’s latest excuse for going on, “Anderson Cooper 360”, CNN, February 23rd

All Quiet on the Western Front

“The president served his country very honourably too, he signed up for dangerous duty, he volunteered to go to Vietnam, he wasn’t selected to go, but nonetheless he served his country very well.”

Mr Bush’s campaign chairman on “Morning Edition”, NPR, February 23rd

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